AOPEN is a Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer specialising in small form computing for home and business, as well as digital signage. AOPEN is a global company operating in over 100 countries.

Red Design Group has designed many AOPEN digital products over the years and is familiar with their company values. AOPEN approached RED to create a more contemporary brand mark, desiring an identity befitting of its rise as a major global brand. RED looked closely at AOPEN and its brand values, ensuring their new identity be future-focussed and aligned with ambitious growth plans.

AOPEN’s new brand mark – introduced 2015 – takes inspiration from the mandarin fruit, symbolising good fortune in Taiwanese culture. The circular form comes to life in its animated form, an important point of difference for a brand marketing digital technology. The orange brand colour has similar associations with prosperity with the red and gold blend being the most valuable colours in Chinese culture. The typography is simple and bold to add a sense of Western sophistication. Successfully embraced by the company at all levels, the new brand mark signifies a new era in AOPEN history.