Red Design Group worked with Guillaume Brahimi and Crown for a second time to bring the renowned chef’s signature Bistro Guillaume to Perth.

The Perth Bistro Guillaume is situated in a prime location off the main lobby of Crown, overlooking the hotel’s lavish new pool development. The brief sought to carry over some defining elements associated with the Melbourne entity whilst maintaining a unique palette for a distinctive and fresh identity.

Similar to the Melbourne Bistro, the space features green panelling along the bar and voluminous light fittings for a modern take on traditional French dining. The lights, custom-designed by Stephen Hennessy Design, are positioned in the private dining area to create an extra special space. The activity of the kitchen as part of the patron experience is a trait common in both establishments, however more pronounced in this latest offer.

Visually, many different patterns happily coexist such as striking geometric wallpaper, mirrored wall panelling, and mirror embellishments with an etched pattern. The cleverly composed layout caters for three different seating and dining experiences in a single plan footprint without closing the space in.

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