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Location: Crown Casino, Melbourne

Born out of 1920’s prohibition, the R-Bar is an ode to the cocktail of the Great Gatsby Era.

Vibrant velvet fabrics and plush banquette seats create a warm and intimate vibe in this venue nestled between the Rockpool  Restaurant and Crown Hotel Lobby.

Dramatic suspended bespoke lighting accentuates the volume of the space whilst table lamps provide for intimate rapport whilst enjoying a wonderful bottle of champagne or exquisite gin martini.

The introduction of oak barrels provide a décor element and offer the patron a blend of R-Bar’s own aged whisky.
The perfect place for soiree.

Location: Cremorne, VIC

The Pecking Order café at the Retail Evolution Lab (a collaboration between Red Design Group, AOPEN and Nuon) in Cremorne, Melbourne, is a live test site for digital technology that challenges the status quo on how we buy and sell food.

The Pecking Order is a functioning display café with a coffee machine and a whole lot of new digital technology.

The café integrates digital menus, touch-screen kiosks, App ordering via personal handheld devices, a point-of-sale system, an inventory system, loyalty rewards, and payment through PayPal. The café can be found on location-based apps that send customers notifications when they enter The Pecking Order’s catchment zone. Special promotions, vouchers and new menu details can also be sent to customers via these apps.

Red Design Group conceived the brand name and designed the Pecking Order brandmark, a hand-illustrated little bird affectionately known as Ruby, who features in all Pecking Order branded collateral. Ruby, the rosella, was inspired by the historic origins of the Rosella Factory Complex in which the Lab is located. She demonstrates that in today’s digital age, brand graphics do not have to be static. Ruby brings a sense of play and whimsy to the café, engaging patrons and immersing them in a positive customer experience.

Location: Crown Casino, Melbourne, VIC

Calatrava offer desserts and coffee with a special emphasis on their delicious gelato. After operating in the Crown Casino food court under a different name, our clients desired a new brand, creating a more boutique offering and defining a more classic, luxurious brand position.

After considering the project brief, Red Design Group took to researching the Italian way of life with the aim of evoking this romantic European feel and sense of nostalgia. We studied the patisseries found in the grand central cities of Italy, rich environments that combine coffee aromas with the visual delights of cakes, biscuits, and gelato.

With views across the Yarra River, we knew the store could really excel with a majestic design. The widespread use of figured white marble, metal clad mouldings, timber panelling, and bespoke cake and gelato displays allow Calatrava to take centre stage in the competitive food court. We maximised height and volume with an additional VM display. Traditional materials were used to create a contemporary design based on classical principles.

Location: Crown Casino, Melbourne

Bistro Guillaume is a high profile eatery within the Melbourne Crown complex. Red Design Group worked with Guillaume Brahimi and Crown to bring the renowned chef’s signature bistro to life.

The design of the venue, situated along Melbourne’s prime Southbank promenade within Crown, pays tribute to French tradition and the bistro’s reputable food experience. The design makes use of many ground floor surfaces within Crown, and contrasts the expansive windows opening into the alfresco terrace.

The bistro features metallic wallpaper, warm oak timber panelling found in early 20th century French bistros, and moulded timber and mirrors providing a modern twist. The alluring lacquered green entry is reinforced on the bar’s timber mouldings, infusing a sense of fun and a playful nod to the traditional rivalry between the French ‘frogs’ and English ‘roste beuf’.

Signature custom pendant lights have been reused from the Bistro’s former location, as has the carpet which inform the mezzanine’s monochromatic hues. Considering meals are created by acclaimed chef Guillaume Brahimi, partial views into the kitchen provide guests with a behind-the-scenes preview.

Bistro Guillaume sought Red Design Group for a second time when establishing their Perth restaurant. Take a look at the result here.

Location: Perth, WA

Red Design Group worked with Guillaume Brahimi and Crown for a second time to bring the renowned chef’s signature Bistro Guillaume to Perth.

The Perth Bistro Guillaume is situated in a prime location off the main lobby of Crown, overlooking the hotel’s lavish new pool development. The brief sought to carry over some defining elements associated with the Melbourne entity whilst maintaining a unique palette for a distinctive and fresh identity.

Similar to the Melbourne Bistro, the space features green panelling along the bar and voluminous light fittings for a modern take on traditional French dining. The lights, custom-designed by Stephen Hennessy Design, are positioned in the private dining area to create an extra special space. The activity of the kitchen as part of the patron experience is a trait common in both establishments, however more pronounced in this latest offer.

Visually, many different patterns happily coexist such as striking geometric wallpaper, mirrored wall panelling, and mirror embellishments with an etched pattern. The cleverly composed layout caters for three different seating and dining experiences in a single plan footprint without closing the space in.

Did you know we also worked on Bistro Guillaume’s Melbourne restaurant? Take a look here.

Location: Crown Casino, Melbourne, VIC

Our client wished to create a more inviting and intimate space, feeling Café Baci was often overlooked due to a lack of seating options and confusion around the demarcation of the Cafe and Crown’s other precincts.

Red Design Group considered circulation in our approach to the design and created a range of seating options to cater for different customer types, including custom-designed booth seating providing seclusion within the open-plan layout.  Honeycomb shaped anodised aluminium light-fittings were custom designed to foster an intimate dining experience, and the striking herringbone-patterned feature wall gives the Café’s entry point more prominence.

Café Baci now has an elegant, distinct identity which harmoniously coexists within the high-traffic Crown offer.

Location: Crown Casino, Melbourne, VIC

Experimental in concept, Mings Dim Sum is a restaurant on Crown’s first floor that sits nestled within the Casino’s broader gaming offer. Red Design Group established a design concept for the restaurant and the surrounding gaming area.

Ming’s design solution was inspired by traditional oriental décor, to reference the cultural experience of eating Chinese food. In keeping with Red’s philosophy of respecting existing design language, a mural installation by renowned graphic artist, the late David Band was retained from the previous fit out.

The gaming and dining offer is open in its layout, but there are clear demarcation design cues. Floor treatment, in particular, has been used to segment the gaming offer from the hospitality offer. Richly layered wall treatments and screens reinforce the notion of separate areas while maintaining visual openness.

Location: Crown Casino, Perth, WA

La Vie Champagne lounge is a champagne bar and lounge in Perth’s Crown Casino Complex. Red Design Group was tasked with creating a secluded and intimate meeting place of unparalleled luxury – a welcome retreat from the busy entertainment complex.

La Vie serves the finest French champagne and Red Design Group took inspiration from this to create the opulent and elegant interior. The colour palette references the warm pink, gold, and red tones of champagne and champagne labels. The use of mirror, glass, patterned carpet and luxurious fabrics brings luxury to the space. A beautiful central bar provides a sense of theatre while the external gold fretwork references Art Nouveau design, which is strongly associated with sophisticated Parisian culture.

La Vie has received fantastic feedback from visitors and has become a must-visit destination within Crown.

Location: Camberwell, VIC

Choclatté, a hand-made Belgian chocolate and coffee concept, brings a taste of Melbourne’s chic café culture to the ‘burbs’ in a stylish, contemporary design that ticks all the boxes in good retailing and merchandising.

When the objective is to attract a quality customer, the ambience, fitout, and product must be right. Marble and stone take centre stage while light fittings, some finely pleated, others recessed under counters to provide the illusion of floating, combine for an elegant style.

Red Design Group designed all elements for Choclatté from the store layout, fittings, fixtures, colours, awnings, deck area, and traffic zones, to the brand elements including signage, packaging, menus, and the website. It was important to create a relaxed environment that would be attractive to this suburb’s sophisticated demographic. These customers travel globally and look for quality, so we had to deliver that expectation.

A design solution that doubled the number of customer seats was developed and a deck was integrated into the design to satisfy all of council planning requirements.