Vicinity Group’s iconic property, Chadstone Shopping Centre has recently introduced their premium arrival experience, Premium Valet Parking.

Aimed at providing a thrilling guest experience that eases the customer journey, the design creates engaging touchpoints and makes an emotional connection with shoppers.

It all adds up to a truly welcoming experience.

RED’s  solution was to combine creative lighting and architecture to lead and guide the path of travel of guests.

A consistent use of luxury materials  sets the tone for the shopping  journey the guest is about to embark on.

Arriving at Chadstone’s Premium Valet Parking,  customers leave their vehicle to be parked by the Valet team.

Customers are free to enjoy the premium entry experience leading to the heart of The Fashion Capital and experience the shopping, dining and entertainment that Chadstone is famous for.

The Valet team works with state-of the-art technology sending  tickets, via SMS, to customers who can arrange when their vehicles must be ready for collection.

Customers’ shopping, purchased during their journey, is collected by the Valet team from each store and neatly packed ready for a convenient departure.

Fiona Mackenzie, General Manager, Chadstone – The Fashion Capital said: “We know our customers are always looking to Chadstone for new and exciting experiences whether that be shopping, entertainment, dining or tourism and our valet service is a great addition to our offer.”

Once again, Chadstone Shopping Centre sets a new standard of luxury and customer experience.