Choclatté, a hand-made Belgian chocolate and coffee concept, brings a taste of Melbourne’s chic café culture to the ‘burbs’ in a stylish, contemporary design that ticks all the boxes in good retailing and merchandising.

When the objective is to attract a quality customer, the ambience, fitout, and product must be right. Marble and stone take centre stage while light fittings, some finely pleated, others recessed under counters to provide the illusion of floating, combine for an elegant style.

Red Design Group designed all elements for Choclatté from the store layout, fittings, fixtures, colours, awnings, deck area, and traffic zones, to the brand elements including signage, packaging, menus, and the website. It was important to create a relaxed environment that would be attractive to this suburb’s sophisticated demographic. These customers travel globally and look for quality, so we had to deliver that expectation.

A design solution that doubled the number of customer seats was developed and a deck was integrated into the design to satisfy all of council planning requirements.