From its launch in 1996 Saigon Co.op (SGC) has earned the trust of its customers by providing better quality products at more affordable prices – and ensuring the safety of consumers.

Looking at Private Label trends internationally, it was clear that Private Label could deliver even more value to customers, and combat the increased activity from competitors.

The share of Private Label in Vietnam lags behind the rest of the world and we expected there would be significant opportunities to increase sales and market share for Vietnam’s no. 1 retailer.

In 2016 red began working with Saigon Co.op, Vietnam’s largest supermarket group to design a new premium food store concept.

In 2018 we met their Private Label Director who invited red to help him develop a new Private Label strategy and launch a new range of retailer brands.

With 5 store formats with over 500 stores nationwide Saigon Co.op wished to grow its private label market share by developing a new PL strategy, creating a number of private brands, rebranding their existing private label products and implementing a marketing launch.

Our RED private label team jumped at the opportunity and between May 2018 and June 2019 we worked with Saigon Co.op’s in-house PL team to complete the entire project – from strategy and brand design, packaging design and marketing to POSM design and a full Guidelines Manual.

The new packaging hit the shelves in December 2018 and by the end of 2019 nearly 500 products will be instore.