We tapped into our retail and hospitality expertise to give the brands and shopfronts lining Crown’s Retail Street the opportunity to shine – strengthening their presence in the context of the space and highlighting how a cost effective facelift can reposition a shopping centre by creating inviting precincts within.

Wear and tear is par for the course for retail streets and just as the shops they serve benefit from upgrading – so do they. Red Design Group was commissioned by Crown to refurbish its ground floor Retail Street that stretches 220 metres from Versace near the Crown Towers hotel entry through to the Crown Casino Food Court – so that it was in step with the glamorous retail and improved hospitality offerings.

The solution melds different styles of architecture, curved and linear, high and low ceiling spaces – emphasising rather than concealing disparities. Stephen Tieppo Red Design Group’s Senior Designer said, “The design response was about embracing existing elements and making the most of them.”

An essentially black and white palette sets an overall tone of understated elegance. The challenge posed by the site’s sporadic lines of direct vision was resolved through the creation of a series of interesting experiences along the route that collectively evoke a sense of connectivity. Black granite applied to one-half of the flooring follows the curved line of the overhead bulkhead.

The intermittent introduction of black portals decked out with black flooring and black ceilings embellished with LED lighting strips form a memorable transition between dark and light while punctuating the very long space. Striking white scalloped plaster bulkheads and patterned ceiling sections integrate design language from other locations in the building. Textured materials clad the walls and work with rather than against shop facades while in between “moments of interest” wow without dominating.