Cucina Mia restaurant at the Earlwood Bardwell Park RSL was the second project we have completed with the client, creating the branding and interior design for the new basement area.

We wanted the space to be moodier and sexier than the upstairs club and being tucked away in the basement we played on the theme of a hidden 1920’s Speakeasy with rich dark tones, tarnished brass and dramatic lighting.

We opened up the rear of the restaurant, which, with the sloping site, overlooked the Wolli Creek. This creating a surprizing ‘outdoor’ terrace zone that could be opened up when the weather allowed, giving the venue their only outdoor dining space.

With constraints on the ceiling height we designed, along with our consultants LPA lighting, a mirror and LED ceiling feature that runs the length of the space. Surface mounted globes were fixed to mirrored panels that in turn were framed with cornice mounding. This mounding was then recessed with LED strip creating a dramatic link through the ceiling.

Along with the builder Paul King we had collaborations with an amazing group of people including Above Left, Academy Tiles, Porcelain Bear, Grazia & Co, Own World and James Richardson.

We also rebranded Cucina Mia, creating a fresh and contemporary logo to compliment the new space. The new brand is applied to all menus with the new graphics referencing the interior subtly. More conversational tone is also injected to the new menu design playing with the idea of food, families and friends.

Click here to see what Red’s designers were able to create within the space.