Established in 1849 in Adelaide, Harris Scarfe is one of Australia’s oldest department stores with more than 50 stores nationwide. Having worked with Red Design Group for almost 10 years, Harris Scarfe approached us to redefine the brand in their home state with the new flagship store in Rundle Place. Set over 2 levels, the 9000m2 store is the biggest HS in the country and planning the navigation of the 6000m2 upper level was the main challenge.

Working with the in-house marketing and VM team, we kept a simple generic base building, paring back the finishes to natural concrete, exposed ceilings, white fixtures and walls with pops of colour, and visual interest at regular intervals along the customer journey.

On the ground floor entry, a catwalk feature for the apparel department leads you into the store creating a flexible VM zone with a constantly changing entry experience.

The entry signage panel itself angles into the shopfront and then breaks up into bands as it moves into the store, creating a dynamic entry statement and redefining the old dame of Adelaide.

The café, named 1849, became a representation of the HS brand rather than being handed over to be branded by another operator. Exploiting the volume of the space, a 4.5m high café structure becomes a navigational icon centralised on the upper floor. A local artist was commissioned to create a 10m long montage mural along an adjacent wall, using as a basis the original Grenfell Street Victorian building, giving a further nod to the past.