The Hippo Beach Café is located in the Hippo Beach area towards the rear of Werribee Open Range Zoo (WORZ), providing refreshments, sandwiches, pastry goods, coffee, and snacks as well as a sandy playground for the kids.

The Café needed a vibrant graphic overlay and some clear directional signage and colour to increase customer flow through. The Café is hidden by trees on the main route to the Hippo Beach enclosure, making it too easy for visitors to miss.

Red Design Group created a concept to capture the eyes of visitors through clear signage and colourful, hand-painted artwork to entice them into the outlet. The design was inspired by African tribal illustrations and has created a clearly identifiable and vibrant space.

Red teamed up with Melbourne-based street artists Jamie Edward and Daisylegs to customise existing raw surfaces and objects into bold, authentic pieces of art including painting tin lids, metal drums, corrugated iron fencing, and a shipping container. Some areas were painted in block colour with reclaimed timber menus to elevate areas and promote food and beverages offers.