Gia An 115 Hospital aims to serve the increasing demand for examination and treatment services in specialties of Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology and Orthopedics/Trauma in HCMC, especially for Vietnamese low to medium income patients, mainly coming from the 115 Hospital.

Gia An 115 is the first partnership between Government (115 Hospital) and private investor (Hoa Lam Corporation). The logo clearly identifies this important partnership through the ‘115’ association on the name and the logo colour palette (red and blue).

Gia means ‘Family/Home’ and An means ‘Safety’. When you’re with your family at home, you feel safe, loved and cared. Gia An 115 is a hospital with ‘Heart/Love’ and ‘Care’ at the centre of everything we do.

Gia An 115 Hospital believes and is driven to always provide quality health care and services to our patients, through our dedicated doctors, friendly and caring staff, international collaboration, quality facilities, and new and better hospital environment. Our patients can feel safe and trust the hospital to get better. Thus our slogan ‘Quality builds belief’ – Chất lượng kiến tạo niềm tin.

RED’s aim was to build the story around the slogan – Chất lượng kiến tạo niềm tin – Quality builds belief – we want the logo to embody the quality and professionalism of the new hospital, the integrity, sincerity and dedication of the doctors and staff, and we want the logo to be warm and friendly to the target audience.

Quality and professionalism are shown through the clean and modern logo design. The logo should instil trust and belief to the hospital in the customers’ mind.

Sincerity and dedication are shown through the logo icon design which will revolve around the idea of Family, Heart, Care, Safety, Progress and always endeavour to give the best to the patients. Warmth is shown through the logo colour palette. Friendliness is shown through the organic shape of the logo, no sharp edges, more curved, smooth and natural shapes. In essence, Gia An 115 is a hospital with heart at everything they do.