The 880m2 design of Harris Scarfe’s sub-brand store, hs home in Springvale, Victoria, is a destination in proportion, brand offer and customer experience. The contemporary design builds on previous ideas successfully applied to the design of the HS Home store in Adelaide’s Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre, although this project is pitched at a younger shopper.

The introduction of a new casual language is one technique that helps to infuse a new twist to the latest HS Home offer. Working around the notion of a four-pillar policy, long orange pendant lights lead customers from the entry through the space toward four major departments. Each is denoted by a suspended, transparent mesh, signifier element that permits unimpeded vision storewide. Their fun graphic treatment allows customers to easily identify departments. Both devices effectively reduce the perceived ceiling height and conjure more intimate shopping surrounds.

Angled positioning of the lighting in a diagonal fashion rather than giving way to a conventional straight aisle is a measure that functionally encourages customers to explore the space.

The captivating hot pink main sales counter is one of several big and bold, yet simply executed punches of vibrant colour. This intentional contrast to the striped green wall fosters a sense of movement while incorporating the Harris Scarfe brand colours.