When Retail Apparel Group approached Red Design Group to create new menswear fashion label brand, Johnny Bigg, they were adamant that they wanted to set a new direction in menswear retailing. Although targeted to the plus-sized market, plus-sized does not necessarily mean overweight and this was an important stigma that needed to be overcome for the new business. A plus-sized man might be tall; he may have exceptionally large feet, or even a muscly build from weight training. Put simply, standard clothing sizes don’t fit them for a variety of reasons. Johnny Bigg aspired to break the negative stereotyping of plus sized fashion for men.

Red Design Group worked with the client to define the Johnny Bigg brand attributes. Bold, confident, urban, authentic, irreverent, and gusto were words that they agreed would shape the brand personality. Referencing these attributes, the design process began. All brand elements from the brandmark through to swings tags, labels, signage, boxes, shopping bags, posters and the interiors were designed by Red Design Group.

The bright orange in the brand is a bold statement. It sets Johnny Bigg apart from its monotone competitors. The bold colour anchors the brand and gives it a stylish, contemporary feel. Throughout the store environment, people feel that the brand has personality and that Johnny Bigg is speaking directly to them.

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