When the founders of Red decided to set up a spin-off digital business, it was only natural that our design team was given the assignment to create the brand strategy and positioning and then to design the brand itself.

The concept was based on the marriage of design and technology as we could see a major gap in the market between hard core tech firms on the one hand, and designers and architects on the other, for a firm that brought together both skill sets.

After some debate about extended the Red brand, we settled on a new, stand-alone brand that could be part of our design group, but also be flexible enough to work with any firm – even a Red competitor.

We wanted short, catchy name that spoke of innovation, design, and technology for a new retail era.

So the Nuon brand was born – and we positioned it as Digital by Design.

The brand mark was clean, simple and fresh – and early on the project was created in digital form – as you would expect for a technology business.

Nuon was also to go on to design retail-ready digital devices and it was decided to create Nuonview as a sub-brand for the product range which will be marketed around the world.

The new brand was executed in the form of stationery, web site, signage, product packaging, marketing brochures and also translated into social media.

Nuon is now a fully operational business with its own CEO and support team, and is based at the Retail Evolution Lab in Cremorne, Melbourne.

Red has truly embraced the digital technology space – and our design team works closely with Nuon using digital to enhance the customer experience in our interiors, architectural and branding projects.