Kamal Ibrahim established the One Ball sporting program in response to his personal Australian migration experience. His aim is to assist others to integrate into our culturally rich society so they too can make a contribution.

Kamal migrated to Australia from war-torn Ethiopia in 2003. At the time he spoke no English and found it very difficult to establish a new life in a foreign country. He turned to his passion for football as a way of communicating and connecting to his new community. His tremendous sporting skill was soon noticed and he was embraced, supported and welcomed, helping him create a new homeland.

Kamal recently established the not-for-profit program, One Ball in partnership with other organisations, to improve the health and well-being of participants, particularly vulnerable youth, through soccer and the communities in which they live.

RED Design Group’s brand’s team worked closely with Kamal as a pro-bono initiative to understand his goals and aspirations in developing the One Ball brand identity. Our aim is to support Kamal to create a professional brand that communicates his aspirations, build the credibility of his program and attract large organisational support.

The One Ball program has the support of Football Federation, local council and police, the Rotary Club, Port Melbourne Soccer Club, Ice Cream Venezia and Zeus Apparel.

A local resident of Port Melbourne, Kamal currently plays with the elite NPL senior Port Melbourne Soccer Club team known as the Sharks. Due to his outstanding contributions, he is honoured in the club Hall of Champions for Playing A-League with Melbourne Heart and representing Australia on 18 occasions; and for Winning the National Premiers League’s 2015 Victorian Gold Medal, as well as the league’s Best and Fairest award!

He recently signed on for the 2019 season, his second season with the Sharks following a very good 2018 season where his team finished in the top six. A quick and dynamic winger, Kamal often shows his versatility, successfully playing a central role contributing to his team’s achievements.

Since August 2018, with Kamal’s energetic involvement One Ball has grown to involve over 30 boys and girls seven-years-old and over. With the help of other organisations, Kamal plans to grow the One Ball weekly program into a supportive operation that benefits our country. We are truly lucky to count him as an Australian.