Previously known as Boyd Lane & Co, the Oroton brand was created in 1950 blending “oro” the Italian world for gold, with “ton”, suggesting abundance. Oroton is Australia’s leading designer and maker of luxury handbags, leather goods and accessories.

When Red Design Group began its relationship with Oroton in 2008, the brand had ambitious expansion plans. Working closely with Oroton’s Managing Director, Sally MacDonald and Creative Director Ana-Maria Escobar, Red Design Group developed a new retail format to reflect the prestige of the brand.

The Oroton store interiors reflect the core principles of the product itself: quality, classicism, and longevity of style. One unique element, inspired by the Oroton product range, is a feature wall consisting of three-dimensional tiles symbolising the ‘O’ jacquard design made famous in the lining of each Oroton bag.

The stylish stores feature quality finishes, product-enhancing lighting, and flexibility of the visual signature throughout.