Red Design Group’s move to its Queen Street office in Melbourne’s CBD became a catalyst for redefining the company and updating the brand. As we do with many of our clients, we set out to define the brand in 5 keywords and, along with our team, settled on our brand attributes being Collaborative, Energetic, Young, Simple, and Bold.

The transition zone from the lift lobby into reception became our shopfront, being an ever changing visual merchandising space, sculptural and flexible, reflecting our brand values and who we are.

The reception desk is a playful take on a boutique cafe counter and a reference to Red Design Group’s key disciplines of retail and hospitality design. The glass ‘cake display’ follows through with elements of the VM lobby theme, hanging on a nearby sculptural rail are T-shirts graphically printed with some of our project work.

The main common area is split between the greenery-filled sun lounge, making the most of the afternoon sun, and the workshop zone with floor to ceiling pin-up space. Linking these areas is a 4m angled tiled bench, acting as a lunch table and flexible meeting zone where the whole office can congregate.