Red Design Group worked closely with the Rogerseller team to develop what is the most visited bathroom showroom in Australia. The showroom is also now the National Head Office supporting the NSW, QLD, and WA showrooms also designed by Red Design Group.

Our brief was to elevate the Rogerseller brand beyond the reach of competitors, redefining the bathroom showroom market while retaining existing, and attracting new customers.

Our extensive retail design experience allowed us to approach the design from the point of view of the customer, considering their experiences in the retail environment. We wanted to play on the juxtaposition of an urban grunge setting in industrial Richmond, inserting a layer of slick design into the historic building envelope. This reflected the Rogerseller product itself which has been at the forefront of designer bathroom ware in Melbourne since its inception over a hundred years ago. The showroom has been configured as a customer journey with plenty of chance encounters with products in themed zones.