Ted’s Cameras is a brand new state of the art camera store that encompasses more than 800sqm of discovery and interactivity.

When a customer shops at Ted’s for a new camera, they start a journey of discovery. We wanted to design a store that is always there to assist and foster that continual passion and education.

Everything about the store is dynamic. Each and every major supplier is given a space and is encouraged to be different and creative. Each major supplier showcases a technology in a creative way, for example Olympus is exhibiting their new low-light and high motion capture technology, and encourages customers to capture moving particles as well as objects in ‘dark-boxes’. Nikon on the other hand wants to service customers slowly with intrigue, so their space is about seating and revealing relevant products from concealed cabinets to create the element of surprise.

As you wander into the store you will continuously absorb new discoveries, such as the option to fly drones in an enclosed zone, demo new products and even join a short class where rich contents are displayed on large video walls.

A café and gallery space towards the rear of the store helps slow the pace and inspire, and should you choose to pursue a longer course there is a credited photography university that run part-time courses to the rear of the store.

When a major event occurs, the whole store can be quickly programmed to take on a different appearance. There are over 50 digital screens, large video walls and lighting that can dynamically change in an instant.

All in all, we have delivered a store that is dynamic, flexible and allows for change. It is not just a camera store that facilitates a transaction, but a hub that inspires creativity and growth.