The Candy Room’s whimsical fit out has become one of the most talked about projects we have ever undertaken. The small confectionary shop in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD was designed to bring our client’s wholesale business to life in a retail environment.

Our client, Sweet Enough, wanted the store to be edgy, humorous, and uniquely charismatic to highlight the whimsical nature of the product. It was not to be simply a shop, it had to be a destination and an experience.

Wanting to design a playful, simple and somewhat illusional space, we worked on exaggerating the IDEA of a room. Everything, including the fixtures, is painted in white, while graphically applied line artwork produces the suggestive elements of a room – A kitchen splashback is drawn complete with a boiling pot on the stove or a framed portrait of one of the kids.

Red Design Group was also responsible for the branding and all the packaging throughout the store. Allowing the space to be predominately white allowed the colours of the confectionery to dress the space. In a sense, the interior design for The Candy Room creates a fantasy and experience of a room without actually creating one.

If you would like to view our branding work with Candy Room, check it out here.