When Toyota decided to go to locations where the customer shops rather than the traditional dealership model, it commissioned the Red Design Group to design the first Toyota Shopping Centre Retail Store at Rouse Hill.

The interior is inspired by the product, bringing the curved shape and form of the vehicles into the overall interior and joinery items of the showroom The space delivers a welcoming environment where the store becomes the canvas for the product and the customers can learn, view and interact with the vehicles through the use of kiosks and digital screens.

The dynamic matrix digital screen in the shopfront presents excusive Toyota 360 content which both engages and interacts with the customer via a dashboard kiosk.

Toyota’s first sale in this store came from a young female customer who was shopping at the centre and discovered the store and promptly returned on the same day with her parent to purchase a vehicle. The shopper was engaged, surprised and relieved by a shopping experience that allowed her to make her choice of a vehicle without having to visit a dealership