New York City
Brickworks New York

Making a bold branding statement on New York’s iconic 5th Avenue is usually reserved for luxury fashion brands. That’s why Brickworks’ new showroom is even more dramatic – because it makes a design statement to celebrate the beauty of their building products.

Bricks are part of New York’s architectural heritage and so this flagship store could not have a better location for Australia’s leading brick manufacturer, Brickworks, who entered the US market in 2018. You are attracted by a wide expanse of a glowing two-level façade and enter the space to discover a jewel-like glass brick staircase that sweeps up to the next level. Once you reach the second level you enter a large, open space that showcases Brickworks products and their expert team of associates who will guide your product search.

A dream comes true on 5th Avenue.

At Red we have always dreamed of designing great stores globally and now Brickworks 5th Avenue proudly stands amongst the world’s finest brands with 2 levels and a total space of just over 14,000 square feet.

Good lighting and strong views to the street blend with iconic clear Venetian Glass bricks, Chorus White stone laid in a French pattern, with La Palamo glazed white bricks, create an ambience of luxury and warmth that befits this exclusive new location.

Concept design                 Red Melbourne

Local architects                 DHD Architects

Bricks and tiles                  Brickworks/Glen-Gery

Services                              AMA Group

Project manager               M J Settelen Construction

General contractor           Clune Construction

Lighting                               LPA

Engineers                           Mainstay Engineering Group

Photography                      Chris Cooper